The 6th Beijing International Forum on Sports Nutrition(1st Conference of ANSSH)

 The 1stConference of Asian Nutrition Society for Sports and Health

(The 6th Beijing InternationalForum on Sports Nutrition)

1st Round Notification

1. Name of Conference

The 1st Conference of Asian Nutrition Society for Sports and Health (The 6th Beijing International Forum on Sports Nutrition Food)


2. When and Where

September 13-14, Beijing InternationalConvention Center, Beijing, CHINA


3. Hosts and Sponsors

Hosts: China Institute of Food Science and Technology, China Sports Press Newspaper Headquarters

Organizer: Sports Nutrition Society of China Institute of Food Science and Technology, Asian Nutrition Society for Sports and Health, Zhongguancun Hui Kang Sports Health Industry Alliance

Co-Organizer: Beijing Sports Industry Association

Sponsors: China Sports Press, China Food Press, Sina, VO2MAX


4. Theme                                                                     

‘Leading by science and technology innovation and to create a new era of sports health nutrition industry’

With the rapid development of Sports Nutrition and Health Industry, Asian Nutrition Society for Sports and Health (ANSSH) was established in Oct. 2014 and had avery successful Pre-Congress Meeting in Taipei. The 1st ANSSH annual meeting will be held in its presidential country - China. This meeting will be based on a theme of ‘Leading by science and technology innovation and to create a new era of sports health nutrition industry’, and provide a global communication platform and showcase for sports nutrition and health industry. It will also attract colleagues from sports nutrition and health research institutes and industry to gather and have deep exchange of ideas and communications. The conference will facilitate the development of Asian sports nutrition and health research and industry to move on to a new stage. This conference will be the largest conference in this field than ever not only in scientific research aspect but also in the industry. Welcome all our friends, members, colleagues and guests.


5. Topics and Forms


  1. Global Sports Nutrition and Health Industry Technology Innovation
  2. Global Health, Sports and Nutrition Innovation and Development
  3. The Development of Sports Nutrition and Health Industry with Advanced Technologies in China
  4. The Trend of Sports Nutrition and Healthy Food Raw Material Innovation
  5. Sports Nutrition and Health Technology Application and Spreading
  6. The Safety and Efficacy of Sports Nutrition and Healthy Food


  1. Keynote Symposium + Q&A
  2. Breakout Sessions With Different Focus +Q&A
  3. Sports Nutrition and Healthy Foods Expo. and Showcase
  4. Outstanding Sports Nutrition Health Enterprises Selection and Awarding
  5. Call for papers, Poster, Excellent Paper Selection and Awarding


6. Chinese Domestic Guest Speakers from

China Institute of Food Science and Technology

China General Administration of Sports

National Food Safety & Risk Assessment Center

Beijing Sports Bureau


7. Keynote & Invited Speakers

Keynote Speakers

1. Exercise Arrangement and Nutrition Supplement for Muscle Builders

Prof. James Carson, University of South Carolina

2. The Innovation and Development of Sports Health Products in the Global Market

Director of R&D, Glanbia Plc.

3. National Food Standards ‘General Principles of Generating Sports Nutrition Foods’ Technical Application

Dr. Han Jun-hua, National Food Safety & Risk Assessment Center

4. The Needs for Sports Nutrition Supplementation with Vigorous Growth of Chinese RoadRunner Markets.

Dr.Wang Da-wei, Chinese Athletic Association, Field and Tracks Chapter

5. Sports, Health and Nutrition Innovation and Development in China

Dr. Bai Hou-zeng, Beijing Competitor Sports Tech. Co. Ltd

6. Exercise and Weight Loss

Prof.Kuo Chia-hua, Dean for Research and Development, University of Taipei

7. Current Situation and Innovative Development of Sports Industry in Beijing

Director of Beijing Sports Industry Association

8. Current Trend of Global Whey Protein Development

Technical Director, The US Dairy Association

9. Exercise, Health and Nutrition Industry Investment Outlook

Director of the Investment Division, By-Health Co. Ltd

10. Water and Electrolytes Supplement for Marathon and Long Distance Runners

Prof. Lee Kai Wei Jason, National University of Singapore


Breakout Sessions

1. Nutrition Intervention for Korea Athletes

Prof.Park Hyon, Vice Dean for Graduate School of PE, Kyung Hee University

2. Development and Status of Triathlon in General Population of Taiwan

Prof. Liu Yu-feng, General Secretary of Taiwan Triathlon Association

3. Effectsof Herbal Ergogenic Drink and Performance

Prof. Rabindarjeet Singh, Universiti Sains Malaysia              

4. Stem Cell Technology Development Perspective for Exercise & Health Nutrition

Plant Stem Cell Research Institute, Rong-yu Biotech. Co. Ltd

5. High Carbohydrate Diets for Active Individuals

Prof. Sarrena Hanim Hamzah, University of Malaya

6. ‘Ge Eight’ Desert Challenging Preparation in Sports Nutrition Perspective for Cheung Kong Graduate School

Dr. Lu Hong-da, Chair person of the Investment Committee of Zhi Du Investment Co. Ltd

7. The Anti-fatigue Effect of Plant Extracts

Prof. Mei-Chich Hsu, University of Kaohsiung

8. Out door Climbing and Sports Nutrition

Dr. SunBin, The Principal of Pinnacle Outdoor Sports Academy

9. Antioxidant and Anti-nociceptive Effects of Phyllanthus Amarus on Improving ExerciseRecovery

Dr. Rungchai Chaunchaiyakul, Deputy Dean for Research and Academic Services, College of Sports Science and Technology, Mahidol University

10. Relationship between Aerobic Capacity and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Individualswith Normolipidemia and Dyslipidemia

Dr. Naruemon Leelayuwat, Director of Exercise and Sport Sciences Postgraduate Program, Khon Kaen University


Poster Session

All admitted abstract can be involved in this poster session

Products Exhibit Showcase

Provide booth for sponsors


8. Attending Representatives (300-400 persons)

Domestic sports universities & researchinstitutes & sports team: Researchers, Coaches, Team Doctor

Domestic foods universities and researchinstitute: Faculty, Researchers & Students

Professions in both upper & lower stream ofnutrition, health and sports industry

Scientists, researchers, and students in foods, sports science research institutes and universities from Asia

Standards establishers, management, R&D, manufacture representatives in foods and sports industry from Asia

Fitness training instructors, health management practitioners, managers, and fitness enthusiasts

Outstanding Representatives from Internet +General Health Industry, Entrepreneurs


9. Notifications

1st Round:Will release the information of ‘call for abstract’, themes, topics of lecturesand major oral presentation symposium, the time and place of holding thismeeting around Mar. 15, 2016.

2nd Round:Will give detail information such as attending representatives, invited speakers, topics and titles of each presentation by May. 31, 2016. The deadline for abstract submission is also May. 31, 2016. The acceptance/reject notifications will be sent by Jul. 30, 2016. P.S. The abstract submission feeis free.

3rd Round:Will release all final notifications by Aug. 15, 2016. The online registration deadline is Aug. 31. For those who can register before Aug. 10, the online registration will be $380.00 for the 2 days conference. The online registrationwill be $430.00 for those who registered after Aug. 10. 

10. Wire Transfer

ACCOUNT: Zhong guan cun HuiKang Sport&Health Industry Alliance

ADDRESS: Building No. 2, Yard No. 9, Heying Road, Nanshao Township, Changping Dist, Beijing






P.S. Please send us a copy of your transaction receipt after your payment.


11. Contacts

Qi Han1, Chao-qun Wang2                  

Tel. (Forinternational) 0086-10-607306831, (For domestic) 0086-10-509493562