ANSSH on Action plan for Certified Sports Nutritionist Program


At the executive committee meeting of ANSSH in Thailand on July 19, 2018, members extensively discussed the proposal of the former president, Zeyi Yang regarding the Certified Sports Nutritionist Program by Asian Nutrition Society for Sports and Health (ANSSH), abbreviated as CSNA. China, Japan, and Taiwan are currently offering training courses for Certified Sports Nutritionists with enormous popularity to attract participation among professionals related to Sports Nutrition. In light of this trend and our mission, decision is made to officially launch an international training program for CSNA.


Working detail:

1. Establishment of Education Committee

Based on EC meeting, Dr. Jiao, Ying is selected as the Chair for Educational Committee of ANSSH, and is fully authorized to select 6 members among the EC to be members responsible for the operation plan and quality assurance. Dr. Chia-Hua Kuo, Dr. Rungchai Chaunchaiyakul, Dr. Park Hyon, Dr. Lee Kai Wei Jason, and Dr. Ahmad Alkhatib are suggested to sit in this Committee. Their brief introductions are attached in Appendix 1 .

2. The routine work of Educational Committee


2.1. Establishment of a complete qualification certification methods and procedures of Certification Center.

2.2 Educational Committee provides written authentication to a regional CSNA Education Center in Asia. The written authentication includes: the organization structure of the Center, the work history, the configuration of training course and internship, the compiling and publishing of textbook, training lecturers, examination and evaluation system and so on.

2.3 Accomplishment of educational missions by a regional CSNA Education Center that have been certified in writing, evaluate the training condition, internship conditions, and teaching level.

2.4 Educational Committee provides certificate of qualification authorized by ANSSH together with regional CSNA Education Centers (Certificate of qualification is valid for four years). A sample of the certificate of authority for training center is at Appendix 2. In summary, ANSSH will act as an “Accredited Body (AB, a center for approval)” and regional CSNA will be a “Certified Body (CB, a place for education)”.

2.5 Conduct an annual review of regional CSNA Education Center.

3. Application & Qualification of Regional CSNA Education Center


3.1 Regional CSNA Education Centers wished to certify sports nutritionist together with ANSSH are required to submit an application form, related educational materials (see Appendix 3), qualification of regional lecturer team to the Educational Committee of ANSSH. Application form and related materials should be written in English.

3.2 The members of Educational Committee shall provide written certificate of qualification for application materials. The basic certification requirements of regional CSNA Education Center are shown below:

3.2.1 Regional CSNA Education Centers must be a legal entity registered either in a country and/or located in a partner society registered in a region (or a country) with a corresponding CEO.

3.2.2 The training history of regional CSNA Education Center must conduct and sustain its activity for more than two years with numbers of trainee of more than 100.

3.2.3 Complete the configuration of sports nutrition training course and internship(including textbook, course, outline, courseware).

3.2.4 Essential qualified lecturer team (including three professors and five permanent lecturers).

3.2.5 Examination and evaluation system.

3.2.6 Plans for continuing education.

3.3 The members of Educational Committee shall conduct field visits to Regional CSNA Education Centers, and assess the main courses in English.

4, Duty of regional CSNA Education Centers


4.1 As a certified body, registered regional CSNA Education Centers shall obtain certificate of qualification before starting the regular registered sports nutritionist training. The trained graduates authorized by registered regional CSNA Education Centers will obtain the certificate of registered sports nutritionist qualification from ANSSH, signed by the director of the center (the sample of certificate authority for CSNA shows in Appendix 4).

4.2 Regional CSNA Education Centers shall submit annual report to ANSSH and Educational Committee. The report shall include:

4.2.1 Number of classes and courses, basic personal files and lists of participants, number of participants who take the exam and internship, list of participants who pass the exam and internship, and annual percent pass rates.

4.2.2 Achievements, existing problems and improvement measures in teaching work over the past year.

4.2.3 The main teaching materials and results of continuing education.


Professor Rungchai Chaunchaiyakul 

President of ANSSH

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Appendix 1- Brief introduction of Educational Committee members recommended.docx

Appendix 2- Certificate of Authority sample for training center .docx

Appendix 3- Application form of regional CSNA Education Center qualification.docx


Appendix 4- Certificate of Authority sample for CSNA .docx